2018-2019: Rolando Gómez Báez and Grace Van Vliet

Grace van Vliet is a graduating Ryerson student completing her undergraduate degree in History. She has focused her work on ‘anything between Bismarck and the moon landing’ with a focus on Franco-German relations, World War II, the Francophone world and decolonization, and the Cold War in Europe and the U.S. She is currently undertaking an undergraduate thesis on the French Resistance of the Second World War and the Vichy regime. She has presented her research on the internal bureaucracy of the Third Reich at an international undergraduate conference in Dublin, and has won awards such as the Denis Mock Award for Student Leadership and the Doug Webb Award for History. She was president of the Ryerson History Society and co-leader of the IID for the academic year 2018/19. As of September 2019 she will be working on her Masters at the Munk School as part of the Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies.

Rolando Gómez Báez is a graduating Ryerson student, completing his major in History and minor in Politics. He co-led the IID for the academic year of 2018/19. His areas of interest include Cold War international relations, the Soviet Union, twentieth-century Cuba, and U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America more generally. He is currently finishing an undergraduate thesis on Cuba’s foreign relations with Venezuela since the end of the Cold War and the Pink Tide movement in Latin America. As of September 2019, he will continue his studies in the Master’s Field in Contemporary International History at the University of Toronto.

2017-2018: Ryan Vopni, Mat Czipf, and Grace Van Vliet

Ryan Vopni is in his final year of at Ryerson, where he will be graduating with a major in History and a minor in Politics. In addition to co-hosting the IID Series, Ryan is also the President of the Ryerson History Society, where he works to create academic and social events for history students. His academic interests are on twentieth-century Chinese history, and he hopes to continue his studies through a Master’s degree in Chinese History. Recently Ryan has shown his work at the 2017 Mississippi State Symposium for Undergraduate Research. Ryan is an ardent Arsenal supporter and hopes to see the Maple Leafs win another playoff series in his lifetime.

Mathew Czipf is in his final year of the History program, with a minor in Criminology. In addition to co-hosting the IID Series, Mathew is also the Umbra of the Ryerson History Society where he works to create more academic and social events for history students. In the recent past he has held the title of president and has won the special department of history award for his involvement. Outside of student engagement Mathew loves to travel and is an avid collector of comic books. Which he hopes to sell one day to pay off his student fees.

2016-2017: Amanda Macdonald and rotation including Ryan Vopni

Amanda Macdonald graduated with a BA in History and a minor in English. Her academic focus is on international relations and World War II. In addition to co-hosting the IID Series, Amanda is also a member of the Ryerson U of Mosaic team. Outside of school, her interests include travel and photography. In the future, Amanda hopes to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s degree to explore the effects of violence and genocide on society.

2015-2016: Muna Osman and rotation of Erin Maloney, Rita Dvorkina, Monica Da Re, Michal Fetsum, Stephanie Philp, Mark Unwin

2013-2015: Muna Osman and Mark Unwin

Mark Unwin graduated from Ryerson in 2016 with a BA in history and a staggering coffee addiction. Mark considers the two years that he co-hosted the IID with Muna Osman (who also served as his part-time bodyguard and event security) as the highlight of his undergraduate experience. While at Ryerson, he was the recipient of the Gold Medal in History, the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award, the Maurice Pope Scholarship in British History, the Doug Webb history award, and the department’s best essay prize. Along with co-hosting the IID series, he was also student representative on the Academic Integrity Council and Coordinator of Education for the Ryerson History Society. Mark has presented his research at the 2014 Great Lakes History Conference in Michigan and at ARTeries, Ryerson’s undergraduate arts conference. He is currently completing his MA at McMaster University, where his research focuses on U.S.-Argentine relations during the ‘Dirty War’ (1974-1983) and the organization of intelligence networks and communication apparatus in the Southern Cone. An ardent traveler and football fan, he has attended the World Cup in Germany, South Africa, and Brazil.

2012-2013: Jake Brunt and Touria Izri

2011-2012: Kate Grisdale and Stephanie Perrin

2009-2011: Kate Grisdale and Sarah El-Shaaraw

2008-2009: Samantha Stevens-Hall and Laura Sharkey

2006-2008: Christina Smit and Katrin Hayduk

2005-2006: Leila Hoda and Gunjan Sondhi