For Fall 2009, the IID is excited to host a special series entitled “Prospects for Peace: a Forum on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.  As a strictly non-partisan, student-run organization, the IID hopes to create an environment in which this sensitive issue can be discussed in objective and scholarly fashion. With a mix of some of the world’s most renowned experts on the conflict, Prospects for Peace is designed present multiple view points, counter disinformation, educate, and provide an appropriate venue for those in the Ryerson community wanting to ask relevant questions. Please join us this Fall as we welcome some of the brightest minds on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The dates and speakers are as follows:

  • Dr. Juan Cole, Wednesday Sept. 23
  • Prof. Michael Bell, Thursday Oct. 8
  • Yossi Alpher Wednesday Oct. 14
  • Dr. Yoram Peri, Thursday Nov. 19
  • Nadia Hijab, Wednesday Nov. 25
  • Dr. Robert Malley, Wednesday Dec. 2

Bios for all of our guests as well as times and locations can be found under our “Speakers” tab.